Dental Bonding in Tujunga CA

Dental bonding is a fast way to restore tooth structure and conceal a variety of other cosmetic defects. Consisting of a composite resin, bonding material is applied to the teeth and hardened with a curing light. Unlike other treatments that may take two or more appointments to complete, in a single visit, you can receive dental bonding in Tujunga CA office by our bonding expert. Patients may need retreatment after a few years since bonding is sensitive to damage and discoloration.

Dental bonding is most commonly used to repair teeth that have been damaged by decay or trauma. When teeth are discolored because of internal decay, which teeth whitening cannot eliminate, this procedure can often be used to restore a normal appearance. In cases where cavities require fillings but patients want to avoid aesthetic disruption from fillings, our dentist may be able to use dental bonding as an attractive alternative. Bonding can also be used to cover exposed tooth roots for protection against future decay. Finally, our expert in dental bonding in Tujunga may recommend this treatment instead of braces for patients who have minor cosmetic imperfections that do not threaten oral health or function.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding can usually be completed within a single one-hour appointment. To begin, our Tujunga dental bonding expert prepares the area to be bonded by roughening it and applying a liquid conditioner. Next, our dentist tints the composite resin to precisely match the color of the surrounding teeth. Our dentist then applies the resin to the prepared area and cures it with a special light. Finally, our dentist trims the bonded area to a smooth, natural-looking finish.

Because dental bonding is minimally invasive, most patients are eligible to receive it. Patients can generally expect bonding to last for between three and ten years. To extend the life of bonding and maintain its appearance, patients should continue to brush and floss daily, visit our expert in dental bonding in Tujunga regularly for check-ups, avoid smoking, and limit consumption of very hard or heavily pigmented foods. A consultation with our Tujunga dentist can be scheduled to learn more about dental bonding and its applications.

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