Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Tujunga CAWisdom teeth are problematic for many people and often require extraction to prevent complications later. In most cases, removal of wisdom teeth is recommended as soon as possible after these molars erupt. Extraction may also be recommended before wisdom teeth fully emerge from the gums. While the removal process can vary depending on a number of factors, the procedure is generally simple and finished quickly. Our Tujunga wisdom teeth removal expert also offers multiple sedation options to qualifying patients who want to avoid anxiety while their wisdom teeth are being removed.

Wisdom teeth can cause or contribute to a variety of issues in patients. For example, many patients have too little room to accommodate the wisdom teeth, resulting in tooth shifting and potentially damage after eruption. Depending on how the wisdom teeth erupt, they can also imbalance the bite and result in widespread orthodontic problems. Many wisdom teeth arrive impacted, increasing vulnerability to decay and gum disease by harboring food particles and bacteria and being difficult to clean. If patients with impacted wisdom teeth fail to visit our expert in wisdom teeth removal in Tujunga, they may have increased risks of serious infections later.

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Tujunga CA

Removal of wisdom teeth may be simple or more complex depending on the degree of eruption and the position of the teeth. When the wisdom teeth have erupted relatively normally, our dentist may be able to remove them with a simple extraction involving forceps, which are similar to pliers. For wisdom teeth that are impacted or incompletely erupted, our conveniently located wisdom teeth removal expert in Tujanga, CA may need to make incisions in the gums and possibly break the teeth into pieces before removing them.

To prevent pain during wisdom teeth removal, our expert in wisdom teeth removal in Tujunga numbs the treatment area by injecting a local anesthetic. Our dentist prescribes antibiotics and pain relievers for use during recovery and provides patients with care instructions to support healing. At a consultation with our Tujunga dentist, patients can learn more about wisdom teeth removal and the issues that make it necessary.

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