Full and Partial Dentures

Caucasian woman and man in their 40s smiling in a portrait pose, displaying a bright smile from full and partial dentures received at Crystal Bright Smile in Tujunga, California.Dentists have used dentures for centuries to replace missing teeth. When you have lost your entire upper or lower natural teeth, or both, you need to use full dentures to correct the situation. Full dentures are also necessary when your remaining teeth are severely damaged or decayed to the point of needing extraction.

Dentures are made from prefabricated acrylic and are sized to fit the shape of your mouth and jaw. Our Tujunga full dentures expert holds them in place using titanium screws that are implanted in your jawbone.

Full Dentures Tujunga

Are full dentures for you? Only our expert in full dentures in Tujunga can tell you the answer to this question. This will be after extensive dental examination during the first appointment.

Full dentures help fill out the space left by missing natural teeth and restore your smile by giving necessary support to your cheeks and lips.

Great strides have been made in the field of dentures, such that no one will notice the difference between full dentures and your natural teeth. When properly fixed, you will get better chewing and improved speech capability.

Partial Dentures Tujunga

If you have lost some teeth and the remaining ones do not need extraction, you can go in for partial dentures. Partial dentures are held in place using wires anchored to neighboring teeth.

The process of fixing partial dentures utilizes the use of precise imaging techniques to create molds, which are then used in the creation of custom dentures.

To get the right shape, fit, or color, our expert in partial dentures in Tujunga will request for “try-in” appointments so that the best set of dentures is identified. During the last appointment, our dentist in Tujunga fits and adjusts the suitable set of dentures to make sure it fits comfortably and naturally.

Advances in technology make it possible for you to get immediate partial dentures. Here, the plates are designed ahead of time and sent to our Tujunga partial dentures expert, so that they can be fixed in one appointment.

What if the dentures break? Our dentist has the knowledge and expertise to repair them. If they wear down, the dentist will use a process called simple relining to repair them.

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