Dental Sealants

Dental Sealants in TujungaDental sealants protect teeth from erosion and decay with application of resin to areas where food particles and bacteria collect. After being hardened, the sealant can last for several years and help prevent patients from having to undergo restorative procedure in the meantime. Here is more about this treatment from our Tujunga dental sealants expert and who can benefit from it.

Sealing of teeth has been performed for more than 40 years to protect the teeth of children and adults. Pits and fissures, where up to nine-tenths of tooth decay happens, are often the targets of dental sealants. This treatment guards tooth enamel without altering its appearance. Furthermore, the procedure is fast and virtually non-invasive. While dental sealant is not permanently protective, it is a long-lasting and effective safeguard that can be used alone or in combination with other preventive treatments, such as fluoride, from our expert in dental sealants in Tujunga.

Dental Sealants Tujunga

Teeth to be treated with dental sealants are first cleaned thoroughly. Next, our Tujunga dental sealants expert applies an etching compound to the teeth to ensure that the sealant will stick. Once the etching compound has been removed, our dentist washes and dries the tooth and paints the sealant onto the treatment areas. To harden the sealant, our dentist may cure it with a special light.

Our dentist in Tujunga may recommend this treatment for children and adults who have increased risks of tooth decay or erosion. For best results, sealants should be used before signs of damage start to appear. Teeth with deep pits and fissures, such as rear molars, often benefit the most from application of sealants.

Dental sealants can last for up to a decade with daily brushing and flossing and regular check-ups from our dentist. After getting dental sealants, patients should limit or avoid foods that are excessively hard or sticky as these foods may damage the sealed areas. To learn more about this treatment and its benefits, patients can schedule a consultation with our expert in dental sealants in Tujunga.

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