Until now, Teeth Whitening & Demineralization (weakening of the enamel) were synonomous with eachother. Introducing the World’s first Teeth Whitening & Remineralization System all packed into one easy to administer kit. The Da Vinci patented formula not only lets you whiten your teeth fast, but now enables you to keep them white without having to worry about the erosion of your enamel.
Tooth enamel is almost entirely composed of calcium phospage. The chemical process of the formation of enamel is called mineralization. Whenever you whiten your teeth, the opposite occurs better known as demineralization. Since teeth whitening is not permanent, you must maintain the whiteness of your teeth by re-applying whitening gels at least a few times each year. This process will cause the erosion of your enamel after just a couple of years.

About 30 (thirty) minutes. Results last 12-18 months. Fresh 16%hydrogen peroxide Da Vinci teeth whitening also featured on FOX TV. Get results everyone will notice. If your not happy with your Crystal Bright Smile, you don’t have to pay.

Carbamide Peroxide Vs. Hydrogen Peroxide

The teeth whitening process actually begins after Hydrogen Peroxide breaks down into Water (H2O) and Oxygen (O2). When using Carbamide Peroxide also known as Urea Peroxide, the Carbamide must first turn into Hydrogen Peroxide before it can break down into water and oxygen. Carbamide Peroxide contains the chemical, UREA which acts as a stabilizer and prevents it from breaking down so that it can be packaged and shelved for months at a time and breaks down to approximately 1/3 of its strength when it does occur. (22% Carbamide breaks down to 7% Hydrogen Peroxide). .The breakdown process from Carbamide Peroxide into Hydrogen Peroxide does not fully occur until 4-6 hours of placing it into the mouth and is usually used for Overnight Tray-based Whitening Procedures. For this reason, NO COMPANY should offer Carbamide Peroxide for a Chairside or an Under 60-Minute solution as it will not under any circumstance produce fast results. Beware of companies marketing Carbamide Peroxide for a chairside whitening solution. (Carbamide Peroxide is much less expensive and does not require special licensing to manufacture or purchase). For more information, see teeth whitening clinical trials.

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