Root Canal

A root canal is the space that runs inside the root of your tooth. This space contains nerves and blood vessels vital to the performance of your tooth. Treatment by our Tujunga root canal expert involves the remediation of disease or injury to the nerves inside the tooth. It involves cleaning, filling, and sealing the space within the tooth.

There are several triggers to root canal infection. These include:

• Dental injury
• Gum disease
• Tooth decay

What is the danger of your root canal being infected? Apart from discomfort cause by pain due to inflammation, the infection can spread to other areas of your face and skull, causing unbearable pain.

Root Canal Tujunga

The following symptoms show that your root canal is infected and you need immediate attention from our expert in root canal in Tujunga:
• Toothache triggered by hot or cold drinks
• Pain when you chew or bite. The affected teeth might also be sensitive to tapping, touch, or pressure
• Discoloration of your teeth
• A pimple-like swelling of your gums that releases blood upon pressing
• The presence of a tooth abscess. This is a precise symptom of root canal infection
• Pain that radiates from the affected tooth to another part of your head.

When you notice any of these symptoms, make sure you contact our Tujunga root canal expert for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Root canal treatment is performed in one or more visits depending on your situation. Basically, our Tujunga dentist takes an x-ray image of your teeth and the surrounding areas to determine the extent of infection. After numbing the tooth, our expert in root canal in Tujunga makes an opening in it, removes unhealthy pulp, then cleans and disinfects the root canal. Medications are then placed in the canal to get rid of the bacteria and prevent infection. After treatment, the space is filled and sealed, and a crown is fixed to restore your teeth.

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